Mother of Boys

mummynash and her three beautiful boys

My name is Sam.


Mother of boys (three to be precise), music teacher (at least that’s what it says on my badge), music class leader (small people and their mums), daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend, general pain in the ass for some, and all round decent human being.


Ok so the last part could be somewhat sketchy but we’ll run with it for now.


Some years ago I started writing a blog. I never posted it anywhere of any substance and never had followers other than my friends and family but I wrote my own version of day to day living and received many a compliment to boot. Since then I have played it over and over in my mind to write properly. To actually put it out there. To see if the world wants to read what I have to say. And here it is.


I am one of those weirdo’s who have a constant narrative running through my brain. Everything I do I am talking to myself, running a hilarious dialogue, a pathetic sob story, a woeful tale or a witty monologue. Of course the second I try to share any of this or dare to write it down, my mind goes blank. Of course it does! But maybe it’s time to try and train myself.


I have recently started listening to a fantastic self-help book called


“You are a Badass.

How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life”

by Jen Sincero.


I realize at this point there may be a number of you gfawing at my use of the word “self help” but bare with me, it’s most definitely worth a punt. I’m only on chapter four and already the book is starting to help me stop bullshitting myself. Perhaps even giving me the confidence to say “fuck it” and actively make changes to my life.


For example, I am sat here now at my Mac writing this. Something I have thought about for so long and have always longed to do. I mean, goodness only knows if it will go anywhere but if I don’t write at all, I can pretty much guarantee no one is going to read it. At least this way, I am finally giving it a shot. I read so many articles and posts (mainly on Facebook as I am slightly backward in coming forward with websites partnered with the fact I just don’t have the time or inclination to go searching), save and screen shot so many things that make me laugh or that I wish to use for reference in the future, or that my friends would like. Things I want to share too. One of my favourite films (and now concepts) is “Pay it forward.” It pretty much does what it says on the tin and I love how simple but unbelievably affective it can be.


First rookie error nearly made there, I went to start this paragraph with another ‘for example.’ Crikey that was close!




I digress.


Providing something someone can relate to can provide someone with a life-saver. God knows I have seen things that have helped bring me down off the ledge. Videos, chats, blogs, quotes. Sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes it’s seeing that I am not alone in the grand scheme of things. We all have good days and bad, why hide it? None of us are perfect and that’s ok. As said by a wonderful other mother of three on a vlog I saw this morning, congratulations you’re normal.


My brain is such a mish mash of what I want to say it’s hard to know where to start. My hope is to build a page that posts a variety of stuff, to build a fan base (god that sounds so wanky but you know what I mean right?) who will like and share the things they can relate to and we can spread the good word on a whole bunch of both useful and useless information and entertainment. I know it’s been done a hundred times before. More probably. But who’s to say I shouldn’t give it a shot? Maybe this is my calling? Maybe I will actually be really good at this and make a go of it? Maybe I will just entertain the ones nearest and dearest to me who actually get my newsfeed on their home screen. Who knows. But it’s a step. The first step.


And here I am. Really actually making it.







2 thoughts on “Mother of Boys

  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog. Very amusing and real. As i read it, memories flooded back ast one poin and i remembered……..
    Which teacher at maidenhead college used to say “i digress” a lot ?


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